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While the background might be impressive, and the image and words are just fine, the candidate's real impact and contribution are often tougher to predict. Insight into aptitudes, preferences, style and career motives will maximize chances of selecting people who will truly add value.

We provide pre-employment and internal candidate assessment services for executive, management and individual contributor positions throughout the Philadelphia Area, Pennsylvania, and Nationwide. Specifically, our assessments aid in selection, promotion, placement and succession decisions and planning. Private equity firms and corporations also use our assessment programs in pre-acquisition, key-person valuation and for post-acquisition talent management.

We install validated pre-employment test programs that clients can use independently, or with our ongoing support. These programs relate to a variety of front line jobs and job families such as sales, customer service, IT and administrative roles.

Some Key ROI Factors:

  • Increases in EBITDA and sales growth
  • Increases in service level and customer satisfaction
  • Stronger employee satisfaction and engagement
  • Successful acquisitions
  • Greater team cohesion and productivity
  • Less performance-based turnover
  • Reduction in training costs
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