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Delta Consultants offers psychological services for organizations in Houston. It has been gratifying and enlightening to visit or work remotely with companies located in the southwest, or with major profit centers there. Houston, like regional, national, and global businesses throughout the country, has comparable challenges in finding appropriate individuals for high-impact positions. Delta offers selection assessment insights that allow businesses to choose excellent individuals who fit the culture and contribute effectively using a cost-effective mix of interviews and web-based, self-administered tests.

As you may know, having the appropriate background, doing well in interviews, and having excellent references are all-important selection criteria. In-depth psychological testing, on the other hand can, boost a company's selection success rate from 50 to 60 percent to well over 80 percent. When considering the costs of poor leadership hires against the advantages of hiring successful individuals, our employment selection assessments can help a Houston business develop profitably by ensuring more productive and engaged workers as well as higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Other Selection Assessment Applications for Houston Companies

For businesses and private equity firms involved in company acquisitions for strategic or financial purposes, we have also used selection evaluation techniques to project team performance as well as individual leader effectiveness. Our executive evaluations are often utilized as a part of pre-acquisition or post-acquisition due diligence.

We also create selection evaluation programs for sales, service, project management, and technical positions with 20 or more people that have a significant affect on revenue, expenses, and growth. Performance-based Test Validation is how we term this method.

These research-based initiatives include:

  • a comprehensive job analysis
  • a successful competence and trait profile
  • trial tests to assess the success profile
  • current employee performance data that is valid,
  • current employee trial testing, and
  • a final test package that reliably predicts higher from poorer performers. Also, based on the job analysis and success profile, we can offer a structured interview to complement the predictive test package. Additionally, the client has the option of running the new selection process on their own or with various degrees of Delta's assistance.
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Leader/Employee Development Assessments for Houston Area Firms

We use assessment tools for employee development in addition to selection tests, to assist Houston area managers, leaders and professionals to succeed in their positions and prepare for greater responsibilities in the future. This kind of program was created for a Houston-based gear manufacturing and servicing business that serves the oil and gas sector.

These programs often include:

  • An executive/development evaluation utilizing the aforementioned interview and online testing procedure;
  • Assessment debrief and coaching
  • Agreement with a sponsor or boss on strengths, development and goals
  • Goal-oriented development planning
  • Alignment on the development plan with the sponsor and/or boss and
  • Three to six follow-up coaching sessions to ensure attitude and skill application and continued learning.
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This evaluation and coaching procedure may also result in team development and coaching programs for Houston-based businesses.

Delta Consultants Shaping the Future of Your Houston Organization

Delta, founded in 1988, provides psychological services to business organizations. These services include key person selection evaluations, as well as leadership/employee development and succession management programs. Our clients are diversified public and private firms with revenues ranging from $5 million to $1 billion. Many of our partnerships have lasted more than ten years, others have run twenty years, and the longest has lasted more than thirty years. As a result, we understand the nitty-gritty of businesses and how to help them grow effectively via the selection and development of high-quality personnel.

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