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Delta Consultants is available to provide business psychology services in the Miami Fl region. Our offerings since 1988 have emphasized pre-employment evaluation programs, most often vetting senior managers for high impact jobs. We have served many southeast companies with headquarters and business units there. Our work with these firms has always been a source of shared accomplishment and gratification.

Like many U.S. organizations, Miami firms appreciate the criticality of identifying the right executives and professionals for key roles. Delta provides an assessment viewpoint to ensure that companies select executives who fit their cultures and truly contribute. Our approach to sizing up senior talent is via a value mix of interviewing and on-line test instruments.

In terms of sound, selection assessment practices, an effective interview, a positive background and solid references are all important factors. However, in-depth psychological evaluation will raise the positive selection rate from 50% to 90+%. Accounting for the expense connected with the wrong executive picks, and the huge benefits of selecting good people, the psychological evaluation piece can truly boost a company’s success through more effective and engaged employees, and more satisfied and loyal customers.

Other Executive Assessment Applications for Miami Fl Businesses

We have also applied assessment methods for determining leadership team dynamics and potency, in addition to understanding an individual’s leadership effectiveness. Both corporate and private equity business buyers often use our assessment programs as part of their due diligence before or after acquisition. Whether the business purchase is for strategic or financial reasons, evaluating individual and collective human capital can be important in making the right buying decision, and for being pro-active around leadership support, development, inculturation, and placement as well.

Another type of pre-employment evaluation program in Miami Fl applies to service, sales, project management, and technical jobs having twenty employees or more. Typically, these roles have a high impact on sales, expenses, customers and growth. For these circumstances, we typically advocate a “Performance-based Test Validation” project.

These researched programs usually comprise:

  • a comprehensive job analysis
  • a profile of core skills and characteristics for success
  • preliminary test selection related to the success profile
  • valid performance measures of present employees
  • assessing present employees with preliminary tests and
  • determining the final test package which will reliably separate higher from lower future performers.
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If needed, we can also craft a behavioral interview based on the job analysis and success profile.

Additionally, the Miami client may run the pre-employment evaluation program independently, or with different levels of our support.

In Miami, we built a performance-based validation program for a capital-heavy sales role in a large regional office.

Leadership Development Assessments for Miami Fl Companies

We also use assessment as a discovery basis for helping Miami executives, managers and key professionals develop successfully in their jobs, and to prepare them for bigger responsibilities.

These programs often include:

  • an executive assessment using the interview and on-line tests discussed above; the evaluation may also include a 360 assessment.
  • an evaluation debriefs
  • agreement on strengths, growth factors and objectives with a sponsor or boss
  • a results-oriented development plan with targeted competency commitments
  • alignment with the sponsor and/or boss on the personal growth plan and
  • three to six coaching conversations over three to six months to ensure attitude and skill application and internalization.
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This leadership development assessment may also lead to team improvement programs for Miami organizations as well.

We have provided leadership development assessments for Miami Fl, Atlanta and Mississippi manufacturing and sales driven businesses.

Delta Consultants Contributing to the Future of Your Organization

Delta began as a corporate psychology firm in 1988. Since then, we have executed pre-employment evaluation programs, and leadership and team development solutions for diverse public and private companies ranging in sales from $5M to $1B. Many of our client stints have exceeded 10 years, some have endured for 20 years, and the longest has run for over 30 years. So as your corporate psychologists in Miami FL, we truly know how to enable your company’s success through the selection and development of first-rate professionals.

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