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Lannett Company Inc.

Lannett engaged Delta Consultants to help our organization grow. As we all know the work environment is a complex place with a chain of command and elements of social and business relationships mixed together. At Lannett we engaged the idea of an Executive Coach to help the senior staff form a cohesive team.

We have been working with Dr. Mickey Fineberg as an Industrial/organizational psychologist for over 10 years and during that period he applied psychological research, theories and techniques to "real-world" problems, questions and issues in business, industry, and social issues.

He has helped us select the best candidates that fit our culture and then provided coaching to allow staff to succeed.

We have been a very successful firm over the last 13 years (NYSE: LCI) with no small measure of credit going towards that decision we made to embrace Executive Coaching.

Arthur P Bedrosian

Chief Executive Officer, Lannett Company Inc. (Philadelphia, PA)

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The Graham Group

We have worked with Delta Consultants for many years and value that professional partnership. Dr. Fineberg's "Executive Assessments" are a key component of our C-level hiring process used throughout the Graham Group of companies. We consistently find Mickey's selection testing program and assessment reports to provide valuable insight and useful data for us to better understand a candidate's' style, personality and leadership preferences prior to hire. Furthermore, we use these findings and the report to further coach the individual for success as part of the On-boarding process into their new leadership role.

Bill Scott

Vice President Human Resources & CHRO, The Graham Group (York, PA)

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U.S. Axle

Culture eats strategy for lunch, and Dr. Mickey Fineberg from Delta Consultants is the Chef Extraordinaire. Our environment is a small, unionized, family held company, with long term aspirations that include growth and succession. Mickey has been expanding my thinking for many years as a coach, team builder, and hiring partner. We simply won't hire an individual for a senior management position without putting them through his paces. Mickey's tools, broad experience, and intuition underscore his insightful assessments and commentary. Additionally, his friendly staff is simply awesome and a real pleasure to speak with. We are privileged to be aligned with such service and fully endorse Delta Consultants for leadership, team building, and cultural development.

Kenneth R. Krauss

President & COO, U.S. Axle (Pottstown, PA)

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Knoll, Inc.

For over 25 years Dr. Mickey Fineberg and Delta Consultants has helped Knoll with employee selection and retention, the most important business driver for high growth organizations.

Knoll's engagement with Delta Consultants started with establishing the "success criteria" for Knoll's sales culture...what does it take to be a successful sales person at Knoll? Once the criteria was discovered, Delta Consultants put in place testing tools that were designed to match up to Knoll's sales drivers and culture. Over the years we have used this testing process along with in depth narratives to carefully select or not select sales associates for Knoll. The success rate of this hiring process has been over 80%. In addition, Delta Consultants developed advanced tools for internal and external sales management candidates. Again, Delta Consultants measured sales management candidates against Knoll's "success criteria" at the management level. In essence, Delta Consultants has structured and helped execute Knoll's entire hiring process and the results have been profound in terms of company growth and sales representative retention. The average Knoll sales representative's tenure is over 12 years.

Along with the hiring tools that Delta Consultants has designed for Knoll, there has been exceptional service. Mickey's personal involvement and consultative responsiveness has been an important added value to our entire sales management team. Mickey and Delta Consultants are more than business psychologists, they are integral Knoll team members and trusted friends.

Mike Benigno

West Division Vice President, Knoll, Inc. (East Greenville, PA)

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Bryn Mawr Trust

On multiple occasions, we have had Mickey Fineberg and Delta Consultants work with our top executives. These executives have shown quantifiable improvements in their ability to work with peers and subordinates, to plan, to set goals and strategies and to perform at a higher level.

I highly recommend Delta Consultants to any CEO or CFO who wants their people to better develop professionally and to have enhanced job satisfaction.

Ted Peters

Chairman and CEO, The Bryn Mawr Trust Company (Bryn Mawr, PA)

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EMC Outdoor

Thank you for the time you have spent advising us on better means to communicate with each other. It has been a good journey, one where we have identified key aspects of our personality and motivations. In understanding this better, we are trying harder to apply some of the techniques and advice in our interactions with each other, which has produced a more positive working environment for us as a family and for the rest of the company. This was my primary goal in seeking out your counseling. Some days are better than others, but the analysis and application have been useful in moving past the stalemate we found ourselves in when we first came to you.

We may be back if we stagnate or retreat to our old habits... some are hard to break! Thanks again for your investment in us, in terms of time, evaluation and thoughtful advice.

Betsy J. McLarney

CEO, EMC Outdoor (Newtown Square, PA)

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Hoshino (U.S.A.) Inc.

Making the leap to invest your business dollars in working to build a strong, collaborative, compatible and—most importantly—supportive management team might seem a frivolous foray, undertaken only by Fortune 500 companies with endless funds. However, it is not. I don't think I can stress this enough. If your management team isn't supporting each other and/or you—you're in trouble.

I was in exactly this situation when I was referred to Delta Consultants. Initially, I was apprehensive but I quickly found my skepticism evaporating, once I had the opportunity to meet and work with Mickey Fineberg. Mickey is methodical and straightforward in his approach, insightful in his assessments and pragmatic in problem solving. Above all, he makes the lonely, "tough-at-the-top" going bearable and always keeps you focused on the light at the end of the tunnel. After working with him, I can now look back with confidence and see that through his guidance and friendship, I've been able to do what I never thought possible when we first met.

Two years ago, I was surrounded by a non-supportive, self-absorbed, territorial, combative and ineffective management group. Because of the work I've done with Mickey, I now have completely the opposite: a team that actually works as a team to support the company's best interests—and me. Even beyond what I expected, these people are going far beyond in their efforts to help rid the company of negativity and inefficiency in the form of disinterested and ineffective personnel at every level.

Mickey also provided insights that helped me build a stronger partnership with our Japanese parent company leaders.

You may question whether or not you can afford to undertake this kind of work but if you're in anywhere near the same position I was, you can't afford not to.

Bill Reim

President, Hoshino (U.S.A.) Inc. (Bensalem, PA)

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Philadelphia Gear

Mickey Fineberg's Delta Consulting has been a close partner of Philadelphia Gear Corporation for over 8 years. His services have been essential in the hiring, assessment and development of Mid and Senior level management team members. Whether it is developing a baseline assessment of a candidate or coaching an experienced manager, Mickey's process provides us with transparency to key traits and characteristics within the person that assist both the company and the individual. The final assessment report becomes an invaluable evaluation tool, which allows both parties to focus on tendencies, strengths and weaknesses. All things being equal, Mickey's process has been utilized on more than one occasion as a tie breaker for whether or not we make a key new hire. We have sent 24 people to him for evaluation during my tenure as CEO, including myself.

I strongly endorse his services and am available to discuss our experience further if needed.

Carl D. Rapp

President & CEO, Philadelphia Gear (King of Prussia, PA)

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My division of Synthes, the market share leader in orthopedic trauma, has had the benefit of using Delta Consultants and Dr. Fineberg for approximately fifteen years. My Division and many of my people have used Dr. Fineberg as a personal coach with great success. His insights into so many touchy matters has helped us navigate so well. He has also developed many of my people in areas of sales management and recruiting. His processes have made us far more effective. During these past fifteen years our success is well expressed in our average sales increase of over 15 percent per year. There is no question that Dr. Fineberg helped us accomplish this.

Rick Gennett

Chairman, Trauma, Synthes (West Chester, PA)

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We have engaged Mickey and his firm many times over the last decade to enhance performance of the entire management team, including C-level people. He has proved to be effective, thought provoking, idea generating, and driven to achieve results in defined time lines and budgets. His help has assisted the growth of the company.

Barry Myers

CEO, AccuWeather (State College, PA)

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Quaker Chemical Corporation

Mickey brings a wealth of information, experience and a solid pragmatic understanding of managerial behavior in the context of complex organization dynamics. He has become a very trusted advisor for both myself and my CEO in our assessment, selection decisions and executive developmental planning tied to important succession decisions.

I give Mickey a 5 * rating.

Ron Ettinger

Director Global Human Resources, Quaker Chemical Corporation (Conshohocken, PA)

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Independent Hospital & Health Care Professional

I have worked with Mickey in my roles as a CFO and COO for a large regional health system as well as an independent consultant for the past ten years. Mickey has been instrumental with assisting in developing physician leadership structures, re-focusing organizations' mission and visions, creating leadership programs for front line staff, assisting with conflict/relationship management and aligning organizational and staff incentives. I would highly recommend Mickey to any organization.

Mickey has also served as my personal executive coach and has been extremely helpful in assisting me with developing/enhancing my professional skills and attitudes. I would also highly recommend his services in this venue as well.

Kristin Kearney

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Remington Group

We have used Delta Consultants for development of several employees. We have found them to be insightful, thorough and spot-on with their evaluations and recommendations.

William Connor

President, Remington Group (Wayne, PA)

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AMC Delancey Group, Inc.

Mickey should be consulted before any major hire for your organization. He can help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of any candidate and draw great conclusions about whether the candidate is right for your firm. In addition he can give you and team members incredible tools for you to work together more effectively. I highly recommend him.

Kenneth Balin

Chairman and CEO, AMC Delancey Group, Inc. (Philadelphia, PA)

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Horner & Associates, LLC

I have had the pleasure of knowing Mickey for about 25 years! I have always found him to be extremely ethical as a business person and very insightful as a psychologist. Regardless of the situation, issue or challenge Mickey is always able to draw upon his decades of experience and provide a perspective or solution that encourages introspection and growth. Candidates who have worked with Mickey would describe him as being candid and honest. A true professional!

Steve Horner

Principal, Horner & Associates, LLC (Harleysville, PA)

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