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We at Delta Consultants have always enjoyed providing psychological services for business organizations in Chicago. Visiting in person or working remotely with businesses based in the mid-west, or with key divisions there, has been mutually rewarding and exciting.

Just like regional, national, and global companies throughout the U.S., Chicago has similar challenges with selecting the right people for mission-critical jobs. Using a cost-effective combination of interviewing and online, self-administered tests, Delta provides pre-employment assessment insights that enable companies to select great people who fit the culture and truly contribute.

As you probably know, having the right background, performing well in interviews, and having good references are all key selection factors. However, in-depth psychological assessment can improve a company’s selection hit rate from 50 to 60% to well over 80%. When thinking of the costs associated with hiring incompetent leaders and the benefits of selecting the right people, pre-employment assessment by Delta Consultants can truly boost a Chicago company’s profitable growth through more effective and motivated employees and stronger customer satisfaction.

Other Selection Assessment Applications for Chicago Firms

We have applied our selection assessment methods to senior teams as well as individual executives for corporations and private equity firms engaged in business acquisitions with strategic or financial objectives. These assessments are used as a part of pre-acquisition due diligence, or post-acquisition to anticipate development issues or potential problems.

Another way we provide pre-employment assessments is for sales, service, project management, and technical jobs that have 20 or more employees, and have a significant impact on revenue, cost, and growth. We call the program Performance-based Test Validation.

These researched projects include:

  • Conducting a job analysis
  • Creating a successful competency and trait profile
  • Selecting trial tests to evaluate the success profile
  • Obtaining accurate performance data for current employees
  • Testing current employees with trial tests, and
  • Selecting a test package that reliably differentiates higher from lower-performing employees.
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If applicable, we can also offer a structured interview based on the job analysis and success profile. The client may also choose to run the new selection assessment program independently, or with varying degrees of Delta’s support.

We did a test validation project for a global commercial furniture manufacturer’s sales job. The Chicago regional office was a key participant and beneficiary.

Leadership Development Assessments for Chicago

Beyond choosing the right people for key jobs, we also apply employee development assessments for helping Chicago area managers, leaders, and professionals to grow successfully in their jobs and to prepare for bigger responsibilities in the future.

These programs often involve:

  • An executive development assessment using the above interview and online testing process
  • Development feedback and coaching
  • Alignment on strengths and development issues and goals with a sponsor or the boss
  • Goal-oriented development planning
  • Alignment with the sponsor and/or the boss on the development plan and
  • Three to six follow-up coaching sessions to ensure attitude and skill application and continued learning.
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Our development assessment services for Chicago organizations may also lead to team development and coaching programs.

Delta Consultants Shaping the Future of your Chicago Organization

Founded in 1988, Delta has provided pre-employment assessment, leadership development and succession management programs for public and private companies ranging from $5M to $1B in sales. Many of our relationships have exceeded 10 years, some have lasted 20 years, and the longest ran over 30 years. So, we truly know how to help companies grow successfully through the selection and development of high-quality people.

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