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With over 30 years of experience, Delta Consultants has delivered psychological service solutions for numerous Pennsylvania companies. During that time, many Pennsylvania firms have taken advantage of our executive assessment programs in a pre-employment context. Our programs can be done at your site, remotely, or at our King of Prussia office which is considered part of the greater Philadelphia area. A key reason we have been in business so long is that we get very positive feedback on our practices and results.

Many Pennsylvania companies place high importance on the discipline of ensuring the right executives and professionals for high impact jobs. Delta provides an assessment perspective that enables companies to identify people who can fit their cultures and contribute at a high level. Our Pennsylvania pre-employment testing program is a cost and time-efficient combination of interviewing (including mental agility screening) with a well-chosen blend of valid, online test instruments.

We certainly know that the right education and experience, a good interview impression, and exemplary references are key, pre-employment assessment pieces. However, the addition of psychological insight can raise a firm’s positive selection rate from 50 to 60% to the 80 and 90% range. Considering the bad impact and losses resulting from the wrong hires, and the peace of mind and tangible benefits of selecting the right-fit executives and managers, our pre-employment testing in Pennsylvania and Philadelphia can ensure competitive advantage and profitable growth.

Other Pre-Employment Testing Programs for Pennsylvania Businesses

We have also used executive assessment methods to determine team style and effectiveness in addition to individual style and impact. Both corporate and private equity business buyers often use our team and individual assessments in pre or post acquisition due diligence. Whether acquisitions are financial or strategic investments, our assessment insights can inform purchasing decisions and negotiation strategies, and pro-active executive development and placement strategies as well. We have helped Pennsylvania corporate and private equity investors get a well-rounded view on prospective human capital for many and varied acquisitions throughout the U.S.

Another type of executive assessment PA solution may apply to sales, service, project management, and technical jobs that typically have at least 20 incumbents. Invariably, these multi-employee roles weigh heavily on diving business success. In these circumstances, we often advocate a “Performance-based Test Validation” study to determine a predictive correlation between test scores and the performance levels of present employees. Once a statistical and practical test/performance relationship is established, the client can then use the test package with future candidates to reliably select competent to outstanding people.

These projects include:

  • a comprehensive job analysis
  • a successful competency and personality profile
  • preliminary test determination
  • valid performance measures for current employees
  • testing present incumbents using the trial test package and
  • determining the final predictive test program.
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If needed, we can create a structured, behavioral interview to vet candidates against the competency and personality success profile. The PA/Phila client may also elect to run the pre-employment testing program independently, or with varying degrees of our support.

Delta has developed and installed validated tests for commercial furniture sales, pest control sales, several manufacturing jobs, various technical and business service positions, and construction industry project managers. All of these projects were for regional, national and global Pennsylvania and Philadelphia area companies. And, these firms have reaped the benefits for many years.

Customized Leadership Development Programs for Pennsylvania Executives, Managers and Professionals

Development assessment is a viable means to increase self-awareness and commitment to leadership and professional growth. So, we apply executive assessment as a starting point for enabling leaders to increase capability in their current roles and prepare for advancement into broader jobs.

These development journeys typically entail:

  • A developmentally oriented evaluation using the previously described interview and on-line tests; this assessment could also involve a 360 review.
  • A development feedback and coaching session focused on assessment implications.
  • Establishing accord on assets, growth factors and objectives with a sponsor or boss.
  • Development planning aligning behavior improvements with business goals.
  • Alignment with the sponsor on the development blueprint.
  • Several monthly to quarterly follow-up sessions to facilitate attitude and competency progressThis individual evaluation and coaching model can also evolve into a team development program for Pennsylvania businesses as well.
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We have delivered customized, individual and team development programs for many and varied Pennsylvania and Philadelphia area companies with great results!

Delta Consultants Partnering in the Successful Future of Your Pennsylvania Company

Delta began in 1988 to provide applied psychological solutions for diversified businesses. Since that time, we have done thousands of executive assessments and pre-employment test validation projects in Pennsylvania. And, we have executed hundreds of leadership development and succession programs for numerous public and private companies. Sales revenues of our clients has been from $5M to $1B. We have often partnered in our clients’ growth for over 10 years and up to 20 years in several cases. Our longest partnership has grown for over 30 years. So as your psychological services firm, we truly know how to help your business advance profitably via the selection and development of first-rate people.

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