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Our technologies and processes are designed to fuse people-development with significant and measurable increases in business results.  We encourage you to inquire about our unsurpassed Executive Coaching Services in the Philadelphia Area, Pennsylvania, and Nationwide.

Executive Coaching Focus/Expertise

60% director to senior management level; 50% entry to mid-level managers and professionals; diversified re:  industry, business and function

  • Proactive (effectiveness in current or new job; readiness for new role; succession management)
  • Problem centered (potential career stall or derailment; felt or perceived difficulties in current job)

In-person, telephone or Skype

helping up a mountain

Coaching Approach

60% of engagements include the use of psychological and/or 360 assessments. Typical number of sessions and time frame:  6 to 12, one to two-hour sessions; 3 to 12 months

Sample Program
  • Orientation
  • Assessment completion (or use available data)
  • Assessment debriefing
  • Initial alignment with internal sponsor or developmental partner
  • Development planning
  • Solidified alignment with sponsor
  • Three to six follow-up sessions
Process Description
  • Clarity on job, career and personal purpose
  • Recognition of attitudes, styles and competencies that will enable successful pursuit of one’s purpose
  • Insight into strengths and potential roadblocks to achievement
  • Commitment to leveraging strengths, rethinking counterproductive attitudes and improving weaker competencies
  • (Internal) partnerships in building new productive habits
  • Continued coaching to maximize the return on investment

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